Let’s come together to plant a better future.

Trees & Carbon

Let’s come together to plant a better future.

Community Tree Planting.

Public places are transformed by community tree planting, and we have a plethora of additional applications on file to support this. We plant at schools, community facilities, as well as in private houses.

Our projects include a mix of fruit, nut, and native shade trees depending on the area and the necessity. Additionally, important greenspaces have been built across the nation’s major city centers.

Enterprise Orchads

Farmer and community development of high-yielding, profitable orchards is supported by Enterprise Orchards. The effort encourages planting a variety of species and kinds so that fruit can be picked throughout the majority of the year.
To guarantee that farmers can take full advantage of the opportunities presented, technical training is combined with commercial support.

Volunteers Day

A pleasant, fulfilling, and excellent team-building activity is staff volunteer tree planting. Additionally, it is a practical approach to getting your business involved in Corporate Social Investment (CSI) projects.

Let’s come together to plant a better future.

Food Forest Initiative.

The most productive, self-sufficient terrestrial ecosystems on Earth are forests, which also require little to no upkeep once they are established. The Food Forests program builds on years of experience implementing long-term greening and food security interventions with a focus on nutrition through tree planting.

Community Nurseries.

Community nurseries are formed as small companies that can give people the income, they desperately need with improving the environment.

The costs and supply chain of the project are affected if trees may be grown closer to the planting site. Community nurseries thus play a significant role in urban greening.