Nakshatra Vanam Event at Hyderabad

Nakshatra Vanam Event at Hyderabad on 24th June By One Citizen One Plant.

Let’s make Hyderabad a green forest

Let us make Hyderabad a green forest. SVR Group Chairman Mr. S Venkata Reddy and ESTAH Society Chairman Mr. Atchuta Rao planted Nakshatra Vanam and medicinal saplings on Saturday at the Sri Kamakshi Devi Temple in Bakaram Village, Mohinabad Mandal, Rangareddy District. Later, _ said that everyone should grow star forests, medicinal plants, birds’ nesting plants, and plants that provide food for birds and other creatures in abundance.

He called for the cultivation of deity trees in abundance. They want to grow trees in abundance considering the sun’s increasing heat and the decreasing percentage of oxygen. In our country, which worships natural resources, every student is called upon to step forward to preserve our cultural traditions.

In this program, SVR Group Chairman Mr. S Venkata Reddy said that in every village and every region, we should grow Nakshatra Vanam, Medicinal Vanam, and forests which are helpful for livestock and birds. Everyone is requested to cooperate with this. They said that they have taken up the program of growing deity trees as a yajna. Everyone is invited to participate in this great yajna.

Chairman of Esta Society Mr. Atchuta Rao said in this program that it is our responsibility to protect our indigenous plant wealth and biodiversity. That is why they have taken the first step and requested everyone to take action forward with them.

Susarla Krishna Kishore, manager of Sri Kamakshi Devi Temple said in this program that it is very important to plant star forests, medicinal forests, and deity trees in every temple and adopt and grow them.
S Ramaiah Sharma, Venkatafani Kumar, Kiran Kumar, Santhosh Kumar Sharma, Shashi Kumar, Pawan, and others participated and spoke in this program.

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